Julian Priyani Anthony

 She has proudly served the community as a lawyer for more than 15 years. Originally from Sri Lanka, she furthered her education in Canada at the Faculty of Law in Dalhousie University. Completing her Bachelors of Law Degree at the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka, and practiced as an Attorney-at-Law in both areas of Civil and Criminal. Upon arrival here in Canada she was fortunate to work with Tilaka De Zoysa, a prominent Barrister and Solicitor with over 35 years of experience as a lawyer.

Later began her journey as sole proprietor. A firm believer in having access to justice and more than happy to assist not only clients who qualify for legal-aid but those who come from low-income families who are unable to afford high legal expenses. As a lawyer, part of her job includes ensuring that all clients are aware of every option available to them including exploring routes of settlement avoiding stressful and time consuming litigation. She strives to achieve the best possible outcome to the client's needs. Honoured to be a part of this prestigious profession and strives to ensure that her clients are successful and satisfied with her services.

When not at work, she would indulge in shopping and decorating her home. She is proud to have her eldest daughter join her in this professional journey while her younger daughter is currently pursuing a Masters in Law Degree. Her husband, although in a completely different field of automotive industry, has been her confident and supporter since childhood years.

Apart from being a busy mom and lawyer, she is also the president of the Canada Sri Lanka Catholic Association of Ontario, taking pride in serving her community not only from the legal aspect, but from social and spiritual aspect.

Manelki Anthony

 Having decided to take on this journey as a Barrister and Solicitor from a young age, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto and completed her Bachelors of Law degree at the University of Leicester in the UK. She has worked with various lawyers with experience in a vast range of areas. She mainly practices Family Law, Immigration Law and Wills & Estates. She is passionate about what she does and puts her utmost efforts into achieving the best results she can achieve for her clients.

Clients involved in prolonged litigation often experience overwhelming emotions, especially in matters that involve family and people close to their hearts. She strive to grasp a deeper understanding of such situations and seek to make them comfortable in most difficult times of their lives. She takes pleasure in serving low-income families and legal aid clients. She is committed to providing sound legal advice in a cost effective and efficient manner.

During her high school days and university she often took part in various organizations including Amnesty International and UNICEF, she also enjoys part-taking in mock trial tournaments and debates. Apart from furthering her skills as an advocate she has enjoyed being part of dance competitions and cultural events. She loves to travel and her bucket list still includes Greece, Italy and Spain.